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Weight Loss Calorie Calculator

A Weight Loss Calorie Calculator can be a useful tool in your weight loss journey. What is a Weight Loss Calorie Calculator? A Weight Loss Calorie Calculator is a tool you can use to figure out how to adjust your calorie intake from food and your level of physical activitiy and exercise to reach your [...]

Healthy Body Weight in 3 Simple Steps

We live in a modern society with modern food, but evolution hasn't had time to adjust our bodies to it. Our bodies and mental functions are ancient mechanisms, trying to cope in this new world with its new food supply and stressful environmental factors. So how do you maintain a healthy body weight despite this? Here's how...

What Does Food Have to Do With Inflammation?

Food not only can cause an immediate allergic reaction, like peanuts that make a throat swell shut, it can also cause inflammation in our blood vessels, intestines, brain, etc. Inflammation is an important part of the immune process that fights invaders like bacteria and viruses. But it can also cause some serious problems in your body when it is triggered by food. Find out more...

Balancing Hormones With Food and Exercise

Trying to be healthy without understanding hormones makes a hard job harder. This article explains the basics of the endocrine (hormonal) system with an emphasis on how to eat to avoid being overweight. This simplified overview of a complex subject is meant to give you a chance at eating to influence your hormones in your favor.

Solar Panels Installation Project

My wife and I recently had solar panels installed at our home. People have been asking me about the process, so I've gathered up some of my notes for anyone interested...

Understanding the Biology of Overeating

Bodies are generally a pain; sometimes they are a pleasure. They naturally get fat, lazy and addicted to all sorts of things. In this article we're going to explore the evolutionary reasons for addiction, especially as it relates to food. You'll find out why some people get hooked easier than others, and what can be [...]